In 2009 I started tinkering with leather on my bedroom floor and realized I had found my artistic medium. Ten years later I find myself overcome with emotion as I close the door to this chapter of my career and begin a new journey. What started as a hobby has evolved beyond anything I could have conceived. Starting my own 

business has tested my ability to learn new skills and taught me to trust my instincts. The greatest pleasure I’ve ever known is to be able to test my own limits and push myself towards achieving what is best for my brand. The unbelievable growth of The Stowe over the years is all thanks to you, my customers. Because of you my partner Matt and I had the pleasure and privilege of exploring Europe to find our perfect 

production team in Spain, and scale up to meet the high demand for our outstanding product. We travelled the world, making strong personal connections and lifelong friends while happily observing the upwards trajectory of our small business. The journey has been intense to say the least, and I’ve loved every moment.

This industry is changing rapidly and the uncertainty in the air is palpable. We have been forced to make decisions that don’t often make sense in the moment. The consumer space has changed dramatically, ultimately altering the perception of what our product is and is not. For those who have been here and supported us from the beginning: thank you so much for your loyalty and commitment to the project. It is time to say goodbye for now, and I am delighted to know that my legacy will live on, carried proudly on our shoulders. 

This is not the end of my career as a business owner or designer. It’s what I live for and will continue to grow and evolve as I explore new projects that test my limits. If you’re interested in following along, please follow my newest project @decade_studio or my personal account @mollyspittal

Thank you for everything.

– Molly


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