our story 

The Stowe was founded in 2013 by designer Molly Spittal, initiated by her obsession with proportion, balance, and intentional design. Beginning as a one-woman operation based in her Montreal studio, The Stowe has since evolved into a team of professionals across Canada and Europe. Each design is grounded by a passion for functionality and refined finishing. Our mandate is to offer a superior product that enhances the life of our customers through daily carry and reliability. Every silhouette is carefully considered from start to finish and is meant to complement the owner’s daily routine.

Over the years, we have taken every measure to ensure that our customers are provided with products of the highest quality. While Molly maintains the design and prototyping process in Montreal, materials are meticulously sourced from a family-owned leather tannery in Italy. Once a design has been perfected, each item is entirely handmade by a small production team in southern Spain. Throughout any given day, Molly is in constant contact with the team in Spain and oversees every step of their production to ensure that her vision is realized within each item.


 Image courtesy of Yan Bleney

the studio

Our studio is normally where you can find designer Molly and her partner Matt hard at work. Located in Montreal’s Mile-Ex neighbourhood, the pair works out of the top floor of an industrial building filled with plenty of natural light and surrounded by a number of like-minded Montreal creatives. This studio is the location of The Stowe’s first atelier, where every item was cut and sewn by hand by Molly. Today, the space has evolved into a functional office where design inspiration comes readily and flows easily. This dynamic space has the capacity to transform from a typical design office to a professional photo studio on any given day.


 Images courtesy of Yan Bleney

The leather

Our signature vegetable tanned leather is carefully sourced in Italy and custom tanned using a natural dye process. This means that the colours of our products are unique to The Stowe and cannot be found elsewhere. The material is as durable as it is beautiful, and will evolve as you wear it. As your product ages, it will develop a unique patina reflecting the habits of your daily routine.

Vegetable tanned leather is renowned for its ability to last a lifetime of wear. The temperament compliments our elegant, timeless silhouettes perfectly. The more you use your Stowe product, the better the leather gets. Each item will truly be with you for life!

The factory

After years of producing in-house, the demand for our product finally outgrew our capacity to produce. When we decided we needed to find help, our main priority was to seek out a production team with values and attention to detail in-line with our own. We searched far and wide for the perfect fit, and we finally found our wonderful team in Southern Spain.

The factory is located in a town nestled in a  picturesque valley filled with traditional Spanish architecture. The team, composed of 9 skilled individuals who we are in daily contact with, have been working for over 40 years to produce high quality leather goods which meet our high standards.