We choose our leather carefully to meet our cultivated aesthetic and quality standards.  Our products are meant to grow more beautiful with age as they reflect the character and habits of the owner. We recommend storing your handbag in a dustbag when not in use to protect the surface from scratches and unintended wear. Below, we have outlined general care instructions for our different varieties of leather. For specific enquiries feel free to email us at [email protected] or visit your local leather specialist for in-person advice.

Vegetable tanned leather

Our Spanish vegetable tanned leather is a smooth, natural leather free of synthetic dyes or finishes. The surface is un-treated which means that it will evolve and change, which is a reflection of your daily routine. Any surface scuffs or scratches are part of the process and will eventually become part of the patina that will form. We recommend keeping your bag dry at all times. However, if wet weather is unavoidable, we strongly recommend you treat your bag in advance with a quality leather protector spray. We do not recommend using oil or wax-based products on this leather.  With regular use a lovely patina will develop, which is demonstrated in the images below. On the left is a brand new bag, and on the right is after a full year of daily use.

Nappa leather

Our Spanish nappa is a supple and smooth leather. This leather will change very little over time. Lighter colours will pick up dyes from darker clothing such as denim. We recommend occasional treatment of natural leather conditioner to keep the leather hydrated.

patent leather

Our Spanish patent leather is characterized by it’s high-lustre, polished finish. This leather is quite easy to care for, as it’s essentially water resistant. Inks and dyes can absorb onto the surface of patent leather, please try to avoid storing your bag against printed matter. Avoid lengthy exposure to direct sun or heat, or extreme cold. Fingerprints or scuffs can be polished away with a soft cloth.